Business Degrees

Business Degrees are designed for students wanting a broad range of business skills rather than specialisation.

This course is designed to develop knowledge and skills accross a variety of areas in relation to the business environment. Bachelor of Business degrees help students to develop problem solving and decision making skills which can be applied for management in operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Business studies Areas

  • Marketing
  • HRM - Human Resource
  • Managment Management
  • Finance

  • Employement opportunities with a business degree

    Bachelor of Business degrees can lead to a variety of employment opportunities dependant on the focus of the area in relation to your major.

  • HRM can lead to employment as recruitment officer, OH&S and HR managment
  • Marketing opportunities can include marketing research consultancy, sales manager and product management.
  • Management can lead to opprortunities in management in public or private sector as a business or general manager.
  • Finance can lead to financial consultancy or working in the financial services sector including banking, insurance and superannuation.