Economics Degrees

A degree in economics prepares the student for a career in business administration or with various socio-economic divisions of the government or a non government enterprise.

Bachelor and Masters Degree courses in Economics are available from most leading universities. The degree covers the basics and makes the candidate familiar with foundation of economics. The degrees further offer a specialization study in any of the related studies of economics.

An aspect of the degree will cover the basics of economics including quantitative methods and theories including random walk hypothesis, technical and fundamental analysis, which are used in forecasting trends.

It also delves deeper into various economic methods and mainly covers topics like principles of micro and macroeconomics. Students are also trained in different methods of economic research and are made familiar with various research tools.

The degree creates a stepping foundation to successful careers in law, business, government, research and education

Let’s briefly look at the major areas of study that the economy degree covers:

  • Micro and Marcoeconomic Princples
  • Econometrics
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Introduction to World Politics
  • Foreign Policies and their impact on global business environment
  • International Laws
  • Basics of Finance and Taxation

  • One can major in any one of those streams to make a successful career as an economist.