Economist jobs

Economics studies the various aspects of society and chalks out various solutions in meeting various needs of the economy as a hole. Economics forms the backbone of many businesses, government policies and society. This opens up various options for economics graduates to choose from. Various interesting profession options are available for Economy graduates.

Study of Economics also creates a foundation for those aspiring for a career in law and social sciences. Government and non-profit organizations also constantly seek economics majors. Large Business enterprises, banks, stock trading firms and other financial institutions also constantly seek professional with sound knowledge of economics. .

Professionals with in-depth knowledge of economics are very much respected in an organization as they play a vital role in formulation of policies and influence day-to-day business decisions. .

Economists are like consultants; their role is basically an advisory one, where they consult on day-to-day operations or only on key policy decisions. Especially using the economics skill in forecasting and analyzing past and present trends.

Economics graduates can also pursue careers in the fields of research, teaching and even business journalism.

Let’s look in at some of broad career choices that an economist graduate can opt for:

The Government is a first employer for many new graduates who are serious about economics, and whose academic achievement demonstrates this.

  • The Treasury
  • The Reserve Bank
  • The Ministry of Economic Development

  • Apart from Government other entities that offer fresh graduates a opportunity to build a career in economics are:

  • Economic consultancies
  • Large business / corporate organizations
  • Banks
  • Merchant banks
  • Stockbroking firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Business Publishing Houses

  • Possibly as many emerging economies are now coming to trade in the world markets their will always be a rising demand for economic graduates.