Car insurance policy online

A car insurance policy in is designed to protect both the person insured (and his/her family, if they are included in the policy) and the car. Ways to protect the persons included are: by liability coverage, that offers protection for damages to others, in case of accidents caused by fault of the persons insured; by medical payments coverage, that provides payment for the necessary treatment for bodily injury; by underinsured/uninsured motorists’ coverage, that provides protection for covered damage caused by drivers that don’t have enough auto insurance (or that don’t have auto insurance at all); by personal injury protection, only available with certain companies, that provides coverage for certain reasonable and necessary expenses (income continuation, funeral expenses, child care expenses).

Ways to protect the vehicle are: by collision coverage (included in the basic insurance required by law), that pays for damage to a car resulted from covered collision with another vehicle or with other objects (e.g. trees), up to the actual cash value of the vehicle; comprehensive coverage may also include damage caused by falling objects, fire, theft, vandalism, explosion, earthquake etc.

A minimum form of car insurance is legally required in the UK.There are three basic types of car insurance to choose from: Third party, Third party, fire & theft and Comprehensive.

Third party provides the minimum insurance required by law. It provides liability coverage, which means protection in case that the person insured damages other persons or their property, coverage for any damage a trailer or caravan he/she might be towing may cause; passengers have liability coverage for accidents caused of their own fault.

Third party, fire and theft has additional coverage, as compared to the previous type, in that the person insured is covered in case of fire or theft. However, most companies have a condition as far as theft insurance is concerned: that the car should be kept in a garage.

The policy type that offers even more coverage is the Comprehensive type. Things that can be included in the coverage of this type of policy are: windscreen damage, car audio equipment, personal accident (the benefit will pay out in case of disablement or death), medical expenses, theft or damage of personal belongings within the car.