Motorcycle insurance online

Rather then traditional forms of getting insurance through a local branch, many reputable organizations are offering the internet platform as a way to offer consumers a flexible and efficient platform to purchase motorcycle insurance in the uk .

Typically motorcyclists have different requirements as far as insurance is concerned. Many insurers are reluctant to taking on motorbike drivers, as they are considered to be a high risk category. However, in the UK, there are many specialist motorcycle insurance providers as well; working with them may be an advantage, since they are more experienced in dealing with motorcyclist clients and can provide policies to suit individual needs.

They also may have lower premiums and a better level of cover. However, both categories should be checked out, in order to get the best motorbike insurance quote. The main types of motorcycle insurance are similar to the car insurance types of policies. These include:

  • Third Party Insurance is the basic type of insurance, which provides the minimum level of insurance legally required. It offers protection for damage and injury to a third party, but the person insured has absolutely no cover against personal injury or damage to his/her vehicle. Younger riders or people with older, cheaper motorcycles usually prefer this type of policy.

  • Third Party, Fire and Theft has some additional cover as compared to the previous type – it also provides protection against the bike being stolen or set on fire, as well as coverage for any legal requirements that follow an incident. It is the most popular type among riders with lower value motorcycles.

  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance offers the most comprehensive type of cover. It enables the person insured to claim for any damage to his/her motorcycle; it is advisable, though, to read and clearly understand the exclusions of such a policy. Damage caused to the bike in an accident can be included in the coverage, as well as acts of theft and vandalism, windscreen damage or other accidental damage that does not involve a crash. Other benefits may include the fact that almost every company will provide a temporary vehicle if the person insured cannot use his/her own, for any reason.

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) may be added as an extra to the cover offered by the policy. PIP provides cover if the person insured is injured in an accident, including cover for hospital treatment and, sometimes, offers cash payouts in case of injury.