Employee Training and development

Why train employees

Employee training and development initiatives can transform organizations with providing extra skills to your employees to not only increase safety and productivity but training leads to higher job satisfaction, which shows up in better corporate performance.

Valuable training also includes situational training that provides personnel the skill sets that allow them to make timely, knowledgeable decisions that benefit both the customer and the company.

Reasons why Most Managers Don't Train Employees

Most managers recognize that continuous learning in today's marketplace is essential. They know they are in the "Information Age." They want a competitive high performance organization but they just don't know where to begin. There are five key reasons why managers don't train their employees.

  • They Don't Have the Time
  • They are so busy doing more and more with less and less that they simply don't have the time. And, of course, this can be fatal to an organization over time. What happens to a company in today's competitive marketplace who doesn't continually invest in upgrading the skills of their employees? It's the same thing that would happen to a championship football or baseball team that doesn't practice every day. Soon, they are no longer a winner.

  • They Don't Know How to Do It
  • Many managers are confronted by employees who want training. These people want to develop their skills and help their companies succeed. Their managers just don't know how to respond. So, like many people, when they don't know how to do something they will avoid it.

  • They Don't Know What Material to Use
  • There are literally thousands of books, and videos available to companies for training purposes. So, which ones do they choose? This is why my management, sales, and motivational materials are so valuable. We have carefully selected the materials, modularized the content so that each video is full of good ideas that can be easily applied in the workplace.

  • They Don't Know How to Follow It Up
  • One big concern many mangers express is they don't know how to measure the value of the training that their employees receive. With my programs, I recommend that managers use the workbooks to gain an "action commitment" from employees such that the manager need only to follow up on that commitment.

  • They Don't Know How to Get People to Apply the New Skills Learned
  • Again, the way to justify the investment in training employees is to measure the results. Each of my programs keeps in mind how adults learn best. So they will learn, retain, and apply what they have learned immediately. Workbooks provided with my programs will offer suggestions on how to introduce each module, how to set up the room for best results, how to present exercises to gain the greatest value and how to get a commitment from the employee that what is being presented will be acted upon.

    Employee Training : The real benefits

    You can have the greatest business model in the world and the best systems, but if your people can’t handle the growth, you’re still toast. If your company isn’t investing in training, think about all the companies you admire as models for doing business right. You’ll not only find that they’ve got a good training program, but training is a part of their culture. If you ask them why they train, they probably would look at you like you were from Mars, because it’s like asking them why they breathe. If you want to breathe some life into your operation, start by investing in your people: train them.

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