Marketing Jobs

After a degree or specialization in Marketing there are various opportunities for the fresh Marketing Graduates. There are various areas in Marketing that one can specialize in. Marketing provides a scope in various diversified areas that require specialization. They are as follows:

  • 1. Advertising
  • 2. Event Management
  • 3. Brand Management
  • 4. Sales
  • 5. Marketing Communications

    1. Advertising in itself is a very important function of Marketing. Advertising is handled by various advertising agencies. These advertising agencies have a creative department that thinks of interesting, different ideas that help in positioning the Brand.

    There is a Media Department, which decides on the various modes of communication, their share and costs and finally makes a cost effective media plan. There is a Client Servicing department which co-ordinates between the client and the agency, provides good service and gets new clients for the agency.

    A specialization in Marketing will open doors for a Marketing graduate in all of the above departments and with the respective specialized skills can work with an Advertising agency in any one of the respective department

    2. Event Management: Event Management firms conceptualize and manage events. These event management companies handle the entire functioning of the event. After getting a brief from the client on the kind of event and other details, they organize the event and look after the execution of the entire event. A Marketing graduate can get further training in Event Management and also look at it as a career opportunity

    3. Branding: After specializing in marketing and getting the required knowledge one can get into the company itself in the Marketing department and can look after the various Marketing functions like Branding, coordinating with Advertising agencies, promotions, events, etc. One can be a Brand Executive or a Marketing Executive and handle the above-mentioned functions

    4. Sales: Sales is a crucial part of marketing. We can say it is the tip of the marketing iceberg. It is said that “Marketing people are Brains” and “Sales people are the arms and legs of the company” Though Marketing decides the entire conception and strategies, it is the sales people who implement these strategies and execute the plans. Without the sales department Marketing cannot function.

    A sale is responsible for direct revenue generation and further business development. These are the people who are the main bread and butter for the company a successful marketing plan requires successful sales people who can achieve targets. With sales being the most crucial part of a business provides a huge potential career opportunity for Marketing Graduates

    Industries ranging from Finance, Investment and Banking, Automobiles and even charity organizations have a full fledged marketing option and many opportunities for fresh marketing graduates.