Alaska Real Estate This area provides information about various Alaska Real Estate information including housing trends, its population and general land development.

Alaska Property and its people

Alaska is known as the great wilderness. There are mountains, peaks and beautiful valleys upon which to buy or build property. With its coasts, lakes and streams, it has over thirty three thousand miles of waterfront. Of its vast 366 million acres, only 900 thousand acres are used for farmland. Due to its extreme climate in the northernmost region, crops and vegetation have a hard time growing. One third of its land is covered by forests.

The population in Alaska is estimated for 2005 to be 663 thousand people. Of those people, 62.5% are homeowners. There were 260.9 thousand housing units in the state, with 157.9 thousand being erected in urban and suburban areas. Those persons living in rural areas accounted for 103 thousand structures.