Alaska Housing Trends

Alaskan Real Estate has continued to grow from 2003-2006. July 2003 YTD sales were 2349 residential homes, 736 condominiums, 816 land deals and 36 commercial transactions. New home construction accounted for 348 structures.

Growth with 2006 numbers are YTD sales of 2899 residential homes, 973 condominiums, 1003 land deals and 56 commercial properties. Each branch has maintained significant growth.

Prices for real estate have remained steady, with the largest value increases being near Anchorage and Fairbanks. These cities continue to grow and the demand for housing in this area makes the price higher. Average single family home sales in Alaska are between $149,999 and $199,999, but very hard to find. Near Eagle River, the market is even amongst buyers and sellers, with homes being on the market only 10-30 days. The average home price is $348K, which is 5-10% higher than August of 2005.