Real Estate in Arkansas

This area provides information on Real Estate in Arkansas including housing trends, types of real estate that are dominant in this state as well as employment and education information.

Arkansas property market Landscape

Arkansas is a state that has many influences. It draws upon the south for its charm, the central plains for its temperate weather, all of which are displayed in a beautiful setting. The Ozark Mountains run through the Northwestern corner of the state. There are also prairies, forests and highlands on their 33.3 million acres.

Farmland covers 14.5 million acres. The top exports for the state are poultry, soybeans, rice and sorghum. Other industry exports are paper products, food processing and metal products. Mining for bromine is also a big industry.

The real estate market is sagging in Arkansas, despite other positive economics going on. Since 1990, new construction of single family homes, apartment buildings and condos has increased 17.2%. In 2000, there were 1.173 million housing units, with 609K in urban and suburban clusters. The average value of occupied units was $72,800. The vacancy rate statewide remains constant at 11%.