California Employment and Education

The employment outlook in California is very good. Between 2003 and 2004 over 250K jobs were created. Jobs also had a 3% gain in earnings for the same time. The year 2005 saw unemployment at 5.4%. In July of 2006 it is consistent with the national average at 4.8%. There are so many jobs in California that immigrants are coming in just to go to work. The industries with the most openings are farms, whether they are floral, vegetable or fruit.

California has 9,960 schools across the state. They spend $7,746 per student each year to educate. Their NAEP results are a little above the average, but improving slowly. In 2003, the 4th graders who passed math basics were 67%. It improved in 2005 to 71%. The 8th graders didn’t fare as well in math and 56% passing in 2003 and57% in 2005. The reading schools of 4th graders for both 2003 and 2005 were 50%, while 61% of 8th graders passed in 2003 and only 60% in 2005. The graduation rate has continued to climb and in 2000 the rate was 76.8%.