Colorado Real Estate

Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains. It is also home to lush valleys, desert plains and grassy knolls. The population of the state is 4.6 million, with over 4 million living in metropolitan and suburban areas.

Colorado covers 66.3 million acres total, with 31 millions acres used as farmland. The top exports of the state are hides and skin, corn, hogs, dairy products and wheat. Other mountainous land is too rugged for housing or crops, so the rural areas are largely forests. Ski resorts have developed areas in Vail, Steamboat and Aspen, but they only take up a small portion of the landscape.

Colorado Real Estate Market in General

Colorado is a very popular place to live and vacation. Ft. Collins was voted the best place to live in 2006 and people continue to flock there. Prices continue to climb as the population grows and the demand for housing increases. The median value for occupied units is $166K.

In 2000, there were 1.8 million housing units in place, which is a 22.4% increase in ten years. Structures included single family homes, multi-family apartment buildings, condos and houses at equal levels being built.