Connecticut Real Estate

Connecticut is a beautiful state with Atlantic Ocean coastline and rolling hills in the North. It has 3.1 million acres total and 357 thousand which is used in farmland. Since their farming area is limited, they don’t rely on it as an industry. They rank 7th in tobacco production, and after that their farm exports are dairy, fruit and poultry products.

Connecticut Real Estate Market in General

Connecticut is one of the smallest land areas in the United States. What it lacks in size it makes up for in quality and price. New Yorkers have flocked to Connecticut to escape high taxes and Manhattan’s smog of the 1990’s. Doing so has propelled their state into a desirable, expensive place to live. In 2005, Fairfield was voted one of the top ten places to live in the Unites States, further drawing people into the state.

In 2000, 1.385 million housing units were in place. It is a 4.9% growth from 1990. 1.2 million of those structures are in urban and suburban areas. The median value of occupied units is $166.9K.