Delaware Real Estate

Delaware is one of the smallest states with only 1.25 million acres of land. Delaware is rolling hills and some flatlands, all near the Atlantic Ocean. Of its small land space, almost half or close to 540K acres is used as farmland. The farms in Delaware export poultry, corn, soybeans and nursery products. Other industries in the state are chemical, paper and plastic products.

Delaware Real Estate Market in General

Delaware real estate is in a mixed trend. The areas that are close and commute to Washington DC have higher prices, but the market is down overall due to high prices. Areas that are away from the ocean and DC have lower prices and are selling and developing much faster.

Delaware has 343 thousand housing units across the state, with 274K considered to be in urban areas. That is an 18% jump from 1990. The average value for occupied units is $130K.