Kentucky Employment and Education

The economy is stable across most of Kentucky. Even with 26 thousand jobs created annually, the unemployment has risen slightly. In 2005, the average was 6.1% unemployed adults compared to 2006, where it is at 6.3%. Earnings have increased overall by 1.5%.

Education continues to do well in Kentucky. There are 1,457 schools across the state and they spend $6,888 per student annually. The NAEP scores for 4th graders showed 72% had the basic requirements for math in 2003 and 75% in 2005. The 8th graders passing math requirements in 2003 was 65% and 64% for 2005. The graduation rate has increased dramatically in ten years. In 1990, the graduation rate was only 64.6%, but it has risen to 74.1% in 2000.