Louisiana Employment and Education

Due to the devastation the hurricane caused in many parts of coastal Louisiana, the job market has grown by leaps in bounds in the construction and clean up industries. In 2005, the unemployment rate was at 7.1%. Even with many people losing jobs because of destroyed businesses, the amount of construction and clean up jobs made up for it. The 2006 unemployment rate was 2.9%. Prior to the storm, earnings were up 1.3% for 2003 and 2004.

Louisiana continues to improve its educational system. There are 1,541 schools across the state. They spend $7,243 per student on educating them every year. The NAEP scores continue to show improvement for most areas. The fourth graders who knew the basic requirements for math in 2003 were 67% and grew to 74% in 2005. The eighth graders passing basic requirements for math in 2003 were 57% and 59% for 2005. The graduation rate continues to climb, and was at 74.8% for 2000. In 1990, the rate was only 69.3%.