Maine Real Estate

Maine is a beautiful, northern state. With its relaxed way of life and low cost of living, it is a popular place to live. Maine has many forests, rolling hills and land used for farming. Of its 19.7 million acres, 1.3 million is used for actual crop production. The biggest agriculture exports are dairy products, potatoes, eggs, nursery products and blueberries. Fish, crabs and marine products are also a huge industry, employer and moneymaker for Maine.

The population of Maine in 2005 was 1.3 million people. Of that, 552,000 people live in areas classified as rural and 769,000 in urban areas. There were 651 thousand housing units in 2000. That is an increase of 11% over the 1990’s. The median value of an occupied house is $98,700. The majority of houses were built in 1967 or later.