Maryland Real Estate

Maryland is a state which offers many things to see and do. There are coastal towns along the Atlantic Ocean, with boardwalks full of food and trinket vendors. There is a hopping city life near Washington D.C. Maryland is also a hot spot for the military and Annapolis is home to the Naval Academy. The inland cities offer historical monuments and museums to tour.

Of Maryland’s 6.2 million acres, 2 million is used as farmland. The top agriculture exports for the area are chickens, greenhouse products, dairy products and corn. The terrain across Maryland ranges from sandy beaches to hilly farmland and swampy marshes. There is something for everyone in Maryland!

The population of Maryland in 2005 was 5.6 million people. Only 293,000 lived in rural areas, leaving 5.3 million in the cities and suburbs. There were 2.14 million housing units in 2000, which is a 13.4% increase over 1990’s number. The median value for occupied units is $146,000. The majority of homes in use were built after 1971.