Michigan Real Estate

Michigan has a diverse landscape on which one can live on: coast land, farmland, urban and suburban developments. With over 3,120 miles of shoreline on the Great Lakes and over 11,000 lakes and 36,000 miles of streams and rivers, there are a lot of luxury homes and condos with waterfront property. There are also single family homes, apartment buildings, and condos in rural and suburban towns throughout the state. High rise apartments, condos, single family homes and town homes are in the urban areas of Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Traverse City and Kalamazoo.

Forests cover approximately 19 million acres of land. Farmland covers an additional 10 million acres of land with the rest, close to 7 million acres of suburban and urban development. Of the 4.234 million housing units in Michigan, 3.054 million are in suburban and urban zoned areas. Rural areas are mainly single family homes, urban areas are single family homes, condos and apartment buildings. High rises are found in Detroit and a little in Lansing.