Mississippi Real Estate

Mississippi is a state along the Mighty Mississippi River that continues to grow and develop in many ways. Of its thirty million acres, 11 million are used solely as agricultural producing. The top crops for the state are cotton and soybeans. It is also a top producer of chicken and cattle, mainly veal production. With its emphasis on agriculture, the food processing industry is one of the largest employers across the state.

The land in Mississippi is diverse, with forests, farmland and swamps. The Gulf of Mexico borders the southern coast for several miles. It has become a popular place for resort towns and luxury vacation destinations. The climate in Mississippi remains temperate year-round, making it a fertile area for crops and livestock to live.

Mississippi is split in its population. A little over half of the residents live in rural areas and the rest, 1.2 million people, live in suburban and urban areas. There are 1.1 million housing units, with 595,000 placed in rural zones of the state. The median value of occupied homes is $71,400.