Montana Real Estate

Montana is a state of wide open spaces. It has mountain views, grassy plains and forests along the great Missouri River basin. Of its 93.1 million acres, 59.6 million is used for agriculture. The top products to come out of Montana are cattle, wheat, barley and sugar beets. Montana is also a tourist state, with skiing, dude ranches and fishing along the Missouri River.

The housing market in Montana is very diverse. There are sections of rural farms with an average value of $80K and luxury houses near the Big Sky ski areas that average $800K. Belgrade is the fastest growing city, having houses selling 24% above 2005 prices. The statewide median house value is $99,500.

In 2005, there were 412 thousand housing units, with 214 thousand being in urban areas. That shows an increase of 14.1% from 1990. The population continues to grow and in 2005 stood at 935,000 people.