New Hampshire Real Estate

New Hampshire is a beautiful New England state. From its colorful leaf tours to the maple syrup, it is a huge tourist draw and popular place to call home. New Hampshire remains a rural state, with a small population and acres of open land. Of the state’s 5.7 million acres, 444 thousand is used as farmland. A majority of the rest of the land is undeveloped and is forests, mountains and hilly land not suitable for development. A small portion on the eastern side is coastal land and has Atlantic Ocean waterfront.

The population in New Hampshire is 1.3 million, with 815,000 living in urban areas. In the year 2000, there were 547 thousand housing units, which is an 8.6% increase since 1990. The average value of an occupied home is $133 thousand. New construction continues to grow, but at a lower rate than the boom of 2002-2005.