New Jersey Real Estate

New Jersey is one of the smallest states in terms of size, but one of the largest in population. New Jersey has ocean coasts, rolling hills, forests and mountains to the west. The Delaware Water Gap and the Atlantic Ocean draw tourists and retirees to view the beauty.

Close to 9 million people reside in New Jersey, with all 4.7 million acres considered urban areas. However, 805 thousand acres are used in farm production. The agricultural exports for the state are nursery products, horses, vegetables and seafood. Other industries for the state are gambling, pharmaceuticals and chemical products.

There were over 3.3 million housing units in existence in 2000. That is up 7.6% from 1990. The housing is in hi-rise buildings, converted warehouses, multi-level apartments, single-family homes, condos and townhouses. The median value for occupied units is $170 thousand; however, cities along commuter lines to Manhattan are worth much more.