New York Real Estate

New York is a very diverse state to live in. From the bustling city life in Manhattan to the farmland of the North, there is something for everyone. New York has the largest metropolitan center in the country, but once outside of that core, there are acres and acres of farmland. New York – the rest of the state – is widely forgotten. The state is full of rolling hills, forests and mountains to the north.

New York had a population of 19.2 million people in 2005. Of that number, 17.6 live in urban areas (8 million in New York City alone) and 1.5 million people live in rural areas. There were 7.6 million housing units in 2000, which is up 6.3% from the 1990’s. The average value for occupied units is $148,000. However, units in New York City are worth multi-millions of dollars.