North Dakota Employment and Education

The economics show a mixed bag across the state. Between 2003 and 2004 there were 10 thousand jobs created. However, the earnings fell by 1.7% for the same period. Unemployment has remained steady, from 2005 through July 2006 at 3.4%. It is under the national average of 4.8%.

There are 551 schools across North Dakota. They spend $7,157 per student annually. The NAEP results for 2003 showed 83% of 4th graders and 81% of 8th graders had the basic math requirements. In 2005, those numbers rose to 89% for 4th graders and the same 81% for 8th graders. The reading basic requirements saw lower scores with 69 and 72 percent of 4th graders passing in 2003 and 2005. The 8th graders who met the requirements were 81 and 83%. The graduation rate is 83.9% statewide.