Oregon Employment and Education

Unemployment in Oregon is down from last year’s 6.1% to 2006’s rate of 5.6%. There were 40,000 new jobs created last year in the state. Tourism is one of Oregon’s top industries. Its beautiful beaches and lighthouses make it a top place to visit. Many Washingtonians make trips down the coast to California, stopping and visiting beaches along the route. There are nine lighthouses standing along the coastline.

Oregon’s huge trees also make it a top state for lumber and the manufacturing of wood and paper products. At 329 feet the Coast Douglas-Fir in Oregon is considered the tallest tree in the state. Some of Oregon’s other job opportunities are in dairy products, with its famous Tillamook cheese factory and other food processing plants.

Oregon spends $7,579 on students in their 1,289 schools statewide. NAEP testing shows that math scores are up in recent years. In 2003, 79% of students in fourth grade tested at the basic level or above while 70% of eighth graders did. Reading scores were a little lower at 63% in fourth grade and 75% in eighth grade. Oregon has a new assessment program, which they are currently putting into place that comprises of multiple choice tests, performance assessments, and classroom work samples.