Pennsylvania Real Estate

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, full of forests, mountain vistas and grassy knolls. Dutch farmers settled it heavily in the 1700’s, many of whose descendants still inhabit the land today. Pennsylvania has 28.6 million acres of land and 7.7 million acres is used in farms. The Amish have settled in to the central part of Pennsylvania and run farms to support themselves. The biggest farm exports are dairy products, poultry, cattle, mushrooms and hay. Pennsylvania used to be known for its steel factories and mining, but those industries have lessened in importance to the state economy over the last few decades.

The population of Pennsylvania is 12.4 million people. They live in the 5.2 million housing structures that were reported in 2000. That is a 6.3% increase from 1990 when the last survey was taken. The median value of occupied structures is $97,000. Houses range from single-family units to multi-level apartments, hi-rises, cabins, cottages, condominiums and townhouses.