Utah Real Estate

Utah has a beautiful and diverse landscape. It has canyons, deserts, salt flats and many mountain ranges. On average, Utah has the country’s highest mountains, which are over 11,222 ft. higher than any other state. Utah’s middle Rockies has 14 Alpine ski resorts. Utah’s very dry snow is known as the best in the world. With an average snowfall of 500 inches in the mountains by Salt Lake City, tourists come from all over the world to check out the fresh powder.

Utah’s parks are also a big draw for tourism in the state. There are five national parks, seven national monuments, two national recreation areas, and six national forests. Because of all of these parks, the government actually owns over 65% of the land. Utah is the eleventh biggest state in the country. It has a total of 52.5 million acres, of which 11.7 million are rural farm acreage. 2.4 million people lived in Utah in 2005, of which 2.1 were living in urban areas.