Utah Employment and Education

Utah has a very low unemployment rate. It has gone down from 4.3% in 2005 to 3.4% in 2006. Jobs have increased by 40,000 compared to last year alone. Earnings are also up 1.8%. Main sources of income in Utah are of course its tourism and other opportunities include: machinery, aerospace, mining, food processing, and manufacturing electrical equipment. Agriculturally there are mainly dairy, cattle, alfalfa (hay) and turkey farms in the state. The state government is the highest public employer in Utah.

Education is a very high priority in Utah. Utah has the highest literacy rate in the country. The graduation rate is also very high also at 87.8%. Utah enacted the UPASS (Utah’s performance assessment system) in 2000, where they annually assess school’s education levels and behavior indicators. The No Child Left Behind Act also has affected Utah in that they now test children in Language Arts, Math and Science and writing proficiency. They have also implemented new online teaching aids or training for teachers, so that they have more tools to utilize in the classroom.