Utah Housing Trends

In Utah’s largest city, Salt Lake, there is a steady population growth, and buyers are receiving 100% of their asking price. Houses are going quickly, and usually sell in ten to thirty days time. There are a variety of homes available. Older bungalows and Tudors were primarily built after 1976, and new construction in the area gives buyers many choices to choose from. The average home in the state goes for around $200,000. Single families are the largest buyers in this area.

In the city of St. George there is job growth in the area and a good supply of homes available. Homes are taking a little bit longer to sell, about 120 days on the market, but buyers are still getting 85% to 90% of their asking price. This is down about 5% to 10% from last year. The average price in this area is also a little bit higher at $275,000 for a home. First time buyers are the largest group purchasing in this area.