Vermont Real Estate

The green mountain state has some very picturesque views. Vermont is about country living at its finest. Vermont has maintained a low commercialized atmosphere. They were the last state to open a Walmart (in 1996) and to this day their capitol, Montpelier, is the only capitol in the United States that doesn’t have a McDonalds. Vermont has a very small town community feeling, which adds to its charm. Tourists come to visit the quaint apple tree and maple syrup farms, in search of a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere.

Of the 294,000 housing units in Vermont 195,000 are in rural areas. Twice as many people live on the quiet country than the busy city. The states population is only 623,000 citizens of which only 205,000 live in urban areas. In fact Montpelier itself has a population of only 9,000, making it the smallest state capitol in the United States. 70% of Vermont residents are home owners and the median price of a home is $111,000. Vermont is one of the smallest states in our country with only 5.9 million acres, of which 1.2 million are farm acres.