Wisconsin Real Estate

If you are looking for a property with a water view or a house complete with its own fishing hole, Wisconsin is the perfect place to begin your search. With over 7,000 rivers and streams, and bordered by two of the great lakes and the Mississippi River, Wisconsin is an angler’s dream. Wisconsin is named for its grassy low lying plains (meaning grassy place in Native American tongue) and is the perfect landscape for dairy farming. Wisconsin is the dairy capitol of the United States and produces more milk than any other state.

A little less than half of the states acreage is farmland (15.7 million farm acres out of 34.7 million total acres of land in the state). In recent years, new construction has been in an upward trend, with over 2.3 million housing units in 2000, which is up 12.9 percent from 1999. Of these units, 1.5 million were in urban areas, while 792,000 were in rural sections of the state. The median price of a home is $112,000.