Travelling to France


The capital of France is Paris.

The currency used within France is the euro.

Time difference is : GMT + 1 hour

Population is 60,424,000

The main language spoken in France is French.

When considering traveling to France be prepared to visit one of the most dynamic yet versatile countries in Europe. From Nice, the retreat for the rich and famous to the most spectacular city in the world being Paris. Paris known for its architecture and landscapes, centered by the world famous landmark of the Eiffel Tower  it is the most popular travel destination in the world. It is also home of the chateau, the perfume houses and the Renault car.

When visiting Paris places of Interest include:

Eiffel Tower:  Massive architectural structure with breathtaking views of the city, be prepared to share that experience with the tons of tourists who visit it also.

Arc de Triomphe: Giant arch built by Napoleon as a monument is the worlds largest triumphal arch.

Louvre: Biggest art gallery in the world where most people go to see the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Champs Elysees: A nice place to take your girlfriend or wife for a day of shopping, provides some shops with with very high priced brands to many affordable boutiques and multinational brands.

Note: While many English speaking tourists do visit Paris, primarily it is one of the worst places in Europe of understanding and speaking of the English language besides hotels and tourist attractions. However it has quite an easy and user friendly underground metro system in Paris.