Find hotels in France

When searching for Hotels in France it is recommended to expect the unexpected. If you are American, Australian, Canadian or British accommodation will vary according to your budget, location and any extras you may require. My experience is certainly from checking decent priced hotels is to keep your expectations low and to get a great location as combining price with quality and location is very difficult. One good price hotel that I would recommend would be called Quality Hotel Malesherbes, nice location with a supermarket, great view of a church, has shops and the local metro near by. However, finding nice looking hotels is difficult when trying to budget as it can be priced from average to ridiculous, but their are some decent hotels out their if you read reviews on and Note: When eating, always check out supermarkets as they provide very cheap food alternatives to restaurants and I would recommend staying in the Champ Elysees precinct if I was taking a trip with a girl.