Traveling to Greece


The capital of Greece is Athens

Their currency is the Euro

They have a population of 10,270,000

Greece is a small country but takes advantage of its beautiful islands and historic past with a large number of Tourists each year. One of the cheapest EU countries and the ones that can also speak the best english, it has the cheapest taxi's and food in some parts, while other people will rip you off, but this will seem equivalent to other EU country prices. Each year thousands flock to the Greek islands. With quality vessels provided by Hellenic Seaways, its ferries provide fast and efficient transfers between islands for a fantastic island hopping experience.

Places to Visit in Athens include:

Plaka - Great place for shopping for girls with reasonable prices, has numerous numbers of 18-30 age group clothing all located in boutique style stores next door to eachother.

Parthenon - The acropolis has Ancient temples Of Athena and other temples that may be worth a look for people who like to go for hikes.


Northern Greece

Halkidiki - Great place for beaches and summertime getaways for Greeks in Northern Greece.


Greek Islands - There are many islands below mainland Greece, most are uninhabited, but the ones that are offer tourists a spectacular time and are definitely worth a visit. The most famous of them are below

Mykonos - The biggest party island of Greece, it is a haven for a Gay friendly atmosphere as well as straight folk looking to party the night away, has many hotels, places to eat, and excellent beach and nightlife ambience. Hiring Scooters or Quads are popular. Very popular with Italians.

Santorini - Famous for its spectacular views and Sunset, this massive rock in the sea, offers quality hotels and a variety of weird colored beaches including black sand.

Paros - Has very nice beaches

Ios - Another party island

Rhodes - Another party island, but very popular with English Tourists

Crete - go to Chania for fantastic beaches, very popular with local greeks.