Dominating Languages

Provides information on various dominating languages around the world.

Dominating languages in countries around the world

The most popular languages in the world in where the language is considered official in most number of countries include English, French, Spanish and Arabic. However this contrasts with the actual number of people speaking the language. While both China and India are only two countries, their population makes about 1/3 of the world’s population therefore contributing to their languages being the most actual spoken languages. Some of the world’s most spoken languages are included below including where the languages are derived from.

  • CHINESE, MANDARIN derived from China
  • SPANISH derived from Spain
  • ENGLISH derived from United Kingdom
  • BENGALI derived from Bangladesh
  • HINDI derived from India
  • PORTUGUESE derived from Portugal
  • RUSSIAN derived from Russia
  • JAPANESE derived from Japan
  • GERMAN derived from Germany
  • CHINESE, WU derived from China
  • JAVANESE derived from Indonesia
  • KOREAN derived from Korea
  • FRENCH derived from France
  • VIETNAMESE derived from Viet Nam
  • TELUGU derived from India
  • CHINESE, YUE (CANTONESE) derived from China
  • ARABIC derived from Egypt
  • ITALIAN derived from Italy