Online Political Science Degree

What is political science?

Political science is the analytical study of political behavior, groups, and practices.

What are the most popular online political science schools?

The most popular online political science schools include:

What should I look for in an online political science school?

The best online political science schools should either possess either regional or national accreditation from an accrediting body that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

In addition, you can often recognize top online political science schools based on: In choosing the best online political science school for you, you should consider the following factors:

What online political science degrees and online political science degree programs are available?

The online political science degree and online political science degree programs available include:

What levels of online political science programs are available?

The following levels of political science degree online programs are available:

How long does it take to get an online political science degree?

The amount of time it takes a student to earn an accredited online political science degree depends on the level of political science degree being pursued and the pace of the student.

Typically, the breakdown is as follows:

What are some examples of online political science courses?

The coursework involved in a political science degree will cover a wide range of areas related to political thought and behavior.

What areas of political science specialization are available?

The field of political science is a broad one with multitudes of specializations available for study in numerous related fields. Some of these are:

What can I do with a political science degree?

Earning a political science degree opens numerous professional and scholarly opportunities, including:

What is a typical political science profession?

Most political science professionals are likely to find employment in either government or education, but there are additional opportunities available in the corporate world as well.

What does a political scientist do?

Political scientists build a specific knowledge of political and economic history to analyze political systems and trends. They often apply themselves as academics, political advisors, and public policy advocates.

How much does a political scientist earn?

Depending on the organizations in which they work, political scientists earn on average between about $54,000 and $114,000 annually. Growth is projected at a faster-than-average rate. The growing concern of established and campaigning politicians to have expert advisors, and increasing public attention to international political affairs may account for the expansion of this field.

How do I become a political scientist?

Quality education is the key in how to become a political scientist. Attending a political science program online is an excellent first step toward a continuing education which will prepare graduates for careers in education, research, or service as a political advisor.