Humanities and Social Sciences

A degree in humanities and social sciences can lead to a wide variety of careers. The degree includes study in many diverse subjects such as psychology, history, sociology, and languages, among many others. Programs and schools will also offer individuals to specialize to apply their knowledge directly to a corresponding field of work.

Choosing a good humanities and social sciences school is an important aspect to pursuing employment opportunities. Most curriculums aim to provide a comprehensive education that can double as solid foundation that can be employed by various fields and industries. Selected focuses or mastery of a given subject will allow students to develop a stronger and more specific skill set that will appeal to many future employers.

Many students with a humanities and social sciences education pursue careers in fields such as psychology and counseling, sociology, social services, nonprofit organizations, and research.

Humanities & Social Science Degrees

Art Therapy, Broadcasting, Christian, Christian Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Communications, Counseling, Creative Writing, Forensic Psychology, History, Human Services, Journalism, Liberal Arts, Ministry, Music Therapy, Organizational Psychology, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Relations, Sociology, Sports Psychology, Technical Writing, Theology, Writing

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