History of Alexander The Great

In 336 BC King Philip was killed and Alexander the Great ascended to the throne of Macedonia. Within the next twelve years Alexander conquered almost the entire known world of his era. Though Alexander made use of the well-oiled army created by his father, he pushed the limits of Greek (Macedonian) power to levels King Philip could not have dreamed of and spread the Greek language & culture throughout his empire.

Alexander The Great was referred to as King of Macedonia, Emperor of Persia and Pharaoh of Egypt. Alexander was born in Pella in Ancient Macedonia and fought against other greek city states (i.e.Athens, Sparta, Thebes etc) for control of the Greek mainland. He spoke a Greek dialect - simply as the Athenians had a different Greek dialect to the Greeks of Sicily and other Greek colonies. The name Alexander (Alexandros in Greek) is a compound name coming from the Ancient Greek word 'Alex' (protector) and the Greek word 'Andros' (man). Alexandros can be translated in English as "Protecting Man" or "Defending Man".