Journalism Jobs Description

Provides information for journalists in their search for journalism jobs.

There are many roles a journalist can play, today a journalist can work in many related areas and their job is now not just limited to reporting of news and events. Lets look at some of the roles a journalist can play today

News Analyst Jobs

The job of a news analyst is to study, interpret and give their opinion on the news that is reported. Most news analysts function as news anchors, columnists and special edition writers. As a news analyst one can specialize in one area of news like political, sports or entertainment.

Experience: Usually literature graduates or journalism degree holders with 3-5 years of experience in related functions of journalism. .

Reporter Jobs

Reporters mostly report news and events from the place, where it is happening. They play an investigative role too as their job involves investigating stories, recording statements of witnesses and collecting all the necessary information that will make up for a good news story. Photojournalists mostly accompany reporters and they mutually decide on, which photos must accompany the story.

Radio and television reporters report news from the scene of news in real time and in front of a camera. Reporters are generally assigned a specific beat like crime; sports etc or they are assigned general assignments. .

Experience: Many publications take fresh journalism graduates as junior reporters. To report on particular beat one needs to have 3-5 years of reporting experience.

Special Correspondents jobs

Special correspondents are stationed at foreign locations or at locations where special events are taking place. Most publications have a set of special correspondents who cover only specific events that take place across the world.

Experience: To reach the level of special correspondent one needs to have solid journalism experience of around 8-10 years.

Feature Writers jobs

Feature writers don’t do any reporting but do interviews, review art, cinema and food. They write on specific subjects mainly lifestyle related that hold general interest for the reader.

Experience: Feature Writers just need to be comfortable with the language they are writing in and need to have sufficient domain knowledge on the subject they are writing on. Most publications prefer features writer with at least 1 year of experience.

Other jobs available for journalism graduates are those of sub editors, desk editors and others related to editing function.