Psychology Degrees

Psychology is a scientific subject. It is one of the most interesting subjects of Science. The name in itself explains what the subject is about. Psycho means the human mind / the human brain and logy means the theory or the logic.

The subject delves into the logic behind human mind / human brain. Our brain guides all the actions that we do and a study of this subject helps us to understand the human mind. It gives us a broad idea as to why do we behave in a particular way. Let us look into it in a little more detail and understand the importance of a psychology degree.

Salient Features of Psychology Degree

There are so many simple questions of life, about a human being, about ourselves, for which we would want an answer, but don’t have a concrete answer on the same. For e.g.

  • 1. Why are children stubborn or for that matter every individual has a stubborn side to their personality?
  • 2. How do we study and remember so many things at one time? ?
  • 3. How do babies of few months learn things so very quickly? ?
  • 4. Do animals understand our language and if yes how? ?

  • All these questions and many more can be answered by understanding the human mind, by understanding and evaluating how the mind is going to react after a particular action (Stimuli effect).

    Psychology is a never-ending fascinating subject and has huge depths within it. A person studying psychology degree can never get bored of it, one of those subjects, which students would love to study.

    Study Areas

    Specialization can be achieved in following areas of Psychology study:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology

  • Career Opportunities

    A Psychology degree can open up lucrative career opportunities in Private sector (e.g. marketing, personnel management), public sector (e.g. teaching, social/community work)