Psychology Jobs

There are various diversified options within Psychology itself that can be chosen from after getting a degree in Psychology. One can specialize in any of the following areas. Each specialization in itself provides good employment prospects for the students

Various specializations areas in Psychology are as follows;

1. Clinical Psychologists – It is the largest area of specialization in Psychology. Clinical Psychologists specialize in treating mentally disturbed patients. This would also involve emotionally disturbed normal people who need assistance in getting adjusted to changed conditions or help patients to cope up with their injuries and surgeries and stress. Some patients suffering from physical disability like handicapped patients need a lot of mental support and not only physical rehabilitation but also mental rehabilitation.

Also personal circumstances like death of a loved one, divorce, etc is stressful for individuals and clinical psychologists in the form of counseling help these patients to come out of their trauma.

This opens up various areas for Clinical Psychologists like;
  • Counseling centers
  • Individual Practices
  • Group Practicing
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Medical schools

  • Clinical Psychology being a broad area involves further specialization in;
  • 1.1 Health Psychology
  • 1.2 Neuro Psychology and
  • 1.3 Gero Psychology

  • 1.1 Health Psychology: They conduct counseling programs for improving the health of individuals who are addicted to drugs, chain smokers, alcoholics, etc. They aim at helping these people to give up on these habits lead a normal life. They are basically involved in maintenance of health programs.

    1.2 Neuro Psychology: Neuro means specialization in nerves. They study the relation between human brain and the subsequent behavior. This is related to brain injury patients and heart patients. Neuropsychologists help these patients who have suffered from a stroke and head injuries.

    1.3 Gero Psychology: These psychologists deal in a special target audience of elderly people. They deal with various problems faced by the elderly.

    Apart from clinical psychologists the other areas of specialization are as follows; .

    2. Cognitive Psychologists: These Psychologists specialize in the area of the part of human brain that deals with memory, perception and thought.

    3. Counseling Psychologists: They also form a part of Clinical Psychologists and provide assistance to mentally disturbed patients and their relatives. They advise people to deal / cope with the day to day stress.

    4. Developmental Psychologists: There are various stages of human behavior that changes with their age. Developmental psychologists specialize in understanding the behavior during these various stages and ages.

    5. Research Psychologists: They study the behavior of human beings and animals such as rats, monkeys and pigeons. Their focus during these studies is to get information on perception, memory, thought process, learning, stimulus effect and various other factors affecting behavior.

    6. Social Psychologists: They study the behavior of individuals and their interaction with the society.