Information Technology Careers and Information

Information technology (IT) is the study of computer information systems and their role in supporting business, research, and communications. The IT student will learn the basics of computer science, including operating systems, hardware and software components, programming, algorithms, databases, network administration, computer design, and system and internet security. Understanding computer systems enables the student to effectively troubleshoot existing computer systems and software, as well as design new systems to meet the needs of various businesses and organizations.

The field of technology is a rapidly growing field, one that is constantly changing. An IT graduate can choose from a wide range of specialized programs of study, such as computer security, computer programming, network architecture and design, multimedia and animation, software engineering, telecommunications, and web development.

Information Technology Degrees

Cisco, Computer Animation, Computer Forensics, Computer Networking, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Computer Security, Game Development, Information Systems, Information Technology, Internet, Microsoft Certification, Multimedia Design, Network Security, Security, Software, Software Engineering, Technology, Video Game Design, Web Design, Web Development

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