Artificial Intelligence jobs and information

Provides Information about Artificial Intelligence jobs and qualifications and companies that employ AI specialists.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a science that focuses on the design elements that enable computers to “think.” They are encoded with information that allows them to approach and deal with problems similar to the way humans do. A complex division of computer science, artificial intelligence projects endeavor to render machines capable of multitasking and relying on human-like senses. “Senses” such as seeing and hearing are translated by machines to produce impressive technology like movement activated electronics.

What is an Artificial Intelligence job

A job in artificial intelligence consists of researching scientific data, using it to design programs, and then implementing the programs in experimental stages. The technological advances won can then be put to use in a variety of industries. Advanced E-commerce features, medical testing equipment, and voice-recognition technology all came from the discoveries of artificial intelligence specialists.

What qualifications are required for an Artificial Intelligence job

A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science can help applicants gain entry into the field of artificial intelligence. However, advancement is unlikely without an advanced degree. Undergraduate work should include courses in computer science, physics, engineering, electronics, and mathematics. Artificial intelligence professionals make use of algorithmic analysis and implementation in their project design, making mathematical studies the center of academic preparation. Other qualifications include technical ability, creativity, and the desire to work in a dynamic environment dedicated to meeting modern challenges.

What types of tasks are involved with an Artificial Intelligence job

The tasks involved with an artificial intelligence job vary according to employer expectations, goals, and requirements. Tasks might include:

  • Equipment programming
  • Product testing
  • Executing technical projects from inception to completion
  • Record keeping and documentation
  • Research
  • Engineering tasks
  • Information management
  • Development and modification of software programs
  • Are there areas of specialization?

    Artificial intelligence has many areas of specialization, including pharmaceuticals, communications, transportation, entertainment, defense, and computer technology. Artificial intelligence professionals are employed as programmers, engineers, analysts, language experts, and managers. Those with PhD’s can conduct research or teach classes at the college level.

    What types of companies employ Artificial Intelligence employees?

    Large companies in the center of technological research and development are the most likely to employ artificial intelligence professionals in some capacity. Government, aerospace programs, and weapons facilities all hire computer professionals with artificial intelligence expertise. Professionals with education or experience in artificial intelligence can often find work in the related areas of robotics, computer programming, and statistical analysis.