Computer Science Degrees

Provide information in the field of Computer Science including their specialisations.

Computer Science Degree prepares students towards different aspects about management and maintenance of computer systems. The first years of the degree course are designed to provide a basic understanding of the overall construction of computer systems, knowledge of various programming languages and algorithms, and a general introduction to software engineering.

Within the degree their are various specific areas of study in-depth. These are namely:

  • Software Engineering

  • This area of study will involve study of various computer logic theories, how artificial intelligence works, the basics of system architecture and various computer language theories that help in building a robust computer software application. One will also learn about how the software and hardware works in synchronization to run an effective software application

  • Hardware Engineering

    Hardware engineering area of study involves studying the various components that collectively make up for a computer system. One would also study the basic architecture, design and specifications for various hardware systems of a computer system.

  • Emerging Technologies/AI

  • Computer Science degrees also prepare the student for the emerging technologies that are poised to become the new standards in near future including artificial intelligence. The study encompasses theory as well as practical and hones their skill. This would prepare the student for future developments that would take place, when they actually step into a job.

    Apart from these areas the course will provide an overview on various computer operating systems, languages and construction module.

    Subjects in Computer Science

    These may include:

  • Statistics
  • A Programming language usually consisting of C++ or Java
  • Computer architecture

  • Job Prospects in computer science

    After gaining sound and comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of computer science one is completely prepared to take up a entry or medium level job with a software development firm or hardware maintenance division.