information technology jobs

Provides information on information technology jobs including various types of jobs available.

What is Information Technology

Information Technology is a key ingredient for businesses trading in the 21 century. Through better use of communication and IT infrastructure, businesses can now open their doors to international markets as well as competition. Its reach cuts across industry segments and geographical locations. This has fueled the need for well-qualified and skilled information technology professionals mainly in computers and telecommunications.

Some of the career options that can be opted by Information Technology professionals are:

Software and Hardware Engineers

Information technology engineers work on various processes, both hardware and software. They aid in creating the hardware equipment needed for creating the computer systems. The engineers are actively involved in study of business

Hardware engineers create, test and supervise systems that run the computers and enable processes. They ensure that hardware systems are up and running at all times without interrupting the flow of work

Software engineers design and develop software applications that aid businesses run multiple processes in an automated manner.

These jobs may also involve:

  • Study client processes to determine their needs for software and hardware.
  • Manage a team of developers and engineers .
  • Analyze, design and develop software processes.
  • Monitor systems, control quality and maintain supplies.
  • Evaluation of various flows and processes.
  • Fresh Graduates can start as junior or support engineers. Candidates with over 3-5 years of experience can be considered for the role of Project Leader/Manager. Project Managers generally play a supervisory role and mange a team of computer engineers and information technology specialists. Most technology firms also offer comprehensive internship program that serves as a breeding ground for aspiring information technology professionals.

    IT Consultants

    Information Technology professionals are increasingly being sought to play the role of consultants to various business. They study the processes like supply chain, inventory management etc and recommend information technology based solutions that will basically make the process error free, simpler and quicker.

    Information technology based consultants are required across various industry segments to right up to government organizations. Entreprenuial information technology consultants can also set up their own consulting firms and advice clients independently on how information technology can help their business and augment profits. Information technology professionals can branch out with their own consultancy after a minimum of 5-10 years of experience in the related areas of information technology.

    Network Administrator

    Network Administrator can work from high schools to big corporations. Their role can be very challenging with multitasking components. Their goal is to run a smoothly functioning computer network—free of bugs, glitches, and interruptions. Example of what a network administrator may do during his day can include computer software; get computer/network up and running again after it crashes; set up new devices and solving computer problems on a consistent basis. This job provides hands on experience on working on networks and administration.


    Database Specialist

    A database specialist creates, customizes and maintains database applications for businesses. They will incorporate not only programming but also planning and design with working with popular database applications such as SQL and Access. Their database programs may range from reporting POS transactions, customer details or web-based applications. Database specialization is a growing area of expertise within IT as well as one very well paid.