Eva Longoria Sex Tape

Possibly the next big thing in internet buzz since the Paris Hilton sex tape, The Eva Longoria Sex Tape. The Desperate Housewife star Eva Longoria has reportedly as of today October 1st 2007 have a sex tape circulating the Internet.

According to The Sun (London Sun) , Eva and her husband the NBA basketballer Tony Parker are reportedly in the tape.

Considering the Paris Hilton tape was one of the most popular phrases on the whole internet on search engines only a few years ago shows this phenomena if the rumors are true will draw massive online downloads and pageviews of related stories. It was common many search engines marketers making thousands of the visitors seeking the tape but being diverted to ads.

However an update today as Eva herself called Ryan Seacrest today(1st October) and spoke about the tape indicating it was a fake sex tape and how she got approximately 100 phone calls from relatives about it.

Apparently the video of Eva is in night vision and dated February 3, 2004 - which was before she met her husband Tony Parker and was suggested it was a Skit for a Will Ferrell Movie, time will tell if the rumors are really true...