Computer Programming Jobs

Provides information about computer programming jobs including types of programming, qualifications required and specializations.

What is Computer Programming

Computer programming is the imputing of sequenced instructions that direct a computer to take assigned actions or determine logical steps.

What is a Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write, test, and maintain the programs that computers follow when performing specific functions. While job titles and descriptions vary by company, the main task of computer programmers is problem solving and development of systems solutions using the appropriate methodologies and techniques.

Programmers often work on projects as a team, each team member assigned according to strength and ability. A programmer uses programming languages, such as C++, PHP, or Java to communicate with computer to perform a set of instructions. By typing code in 2nd and 3rd level programming languages (which are languages become more like words as the generation goes up and more like machine code as the generation goes down , eg assembler) helps computer programmers easier to code with. Once finished coding they compile the program into machine language so the computer can follow the set of instructions.

What qualifications do Computer Programmers need

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is generally required for employment at the more prestigious technology companies. However, the combination of an associate’s degree with strong computer programming ability will qualify programmers for many entry-level positions. Regardless of the degree chosen, courses in information science, computer science, mathematics, and engineering provide the kind of strong base knowledge employers look for. Additional qualifications include:

  • Certification in a specific programming language or languages
  • Familiarity with database systems
  • Good communication skills
  • An eye for detail
  • An ability to think “out of the box”
  • An analytical mind and problem solving skills
  • What type of tasks are involved in Computer Programming

    In addition to writing new programs, computer programmers update and maintain existing programs. They test programs to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and to identify programming errors. Some of the tasks programmers might also do the following:

  • Prepare computer operator instructions
  • Work with field experts to create custom software
  • Analyze technical data, designs, and prototypes
  • Prepare and present reports on project specifications, activities, and status
  • Write computer software, programs, or code
  • Document reliability of technical specifications
  • Work with software providers to increase proficiencies while working within applications
  • Work cross-departmental on development and support
  • Prepare software documentation for end users

  • It is imperative that computer programmers stay informed and aware of changing technological trends and advances—which occur almost weekly in this progressive field.

    Are there areas of specialization

    Programmers may be applications or system programmers. Applications programmers write and revise programs that work with specific software to handle a specific job. Systems programmers create the operating software for entire systems that allow the recognition and use of operating systems, networked systems, and database systems. Within these two categories are many specific specializations. Computer programmers can focus on the following areas or combine them for added marketability:

  • Multimedia
  • The Internet
  • Specific computer languages
  • Research
  • Management
  • What types of companies employ Computer Programmers

    Computer programmers are needed in organizations that deal with large data processing components. The technology and software industry employs the largest percentage of computer programmers. However, they can be found in government, communications, pharmaceuticals, and financial institutions.