Web Hosting Jobs and Information

Provides information about Web hosting jobs including specializations and tasks involved.

What is Web Hosting

Web hosting companies provide the equipment and resources that companies need to publish their web site on the Internet. Web hosting companies provide a web server, site maintenance, and web administrators to manage site construction and service. Larger organizations with technical staff may choose to hire their own web administrators to create, maintain, and update their site.

What is a Web Administrator

Web engineers program computers, graphic artists work on layout and design, and web content writers produce promotional copy. A web administrator needs to know something of each of these components. Those in this career work behind the scenes, keeping web servers up and running while maintaining security, updating logs, and acting as technical support. Web administrators work closely with web development professionals.

What qualifications do Web Administrator need

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is needed in preparation for a web administration career. Excellent communication skills are a requirement as it takes effective communication to coordinate a team of creative specialists. An ability to work well with people from many different disciplines and varying degrees of technical experience is important. Technical knowledge must be diverse to accommodate the wide range of activity involved in web set-up and maintenance. Course planning should include an introduction to the following:

- Log analysis and reporting tools - Content management software - E-mail list server software - Apache and IIS web servers - MYSQL - Linux and Windows - Cold Fusion - Scripting languages

What type of tasks are involved in Web Administration?

Tasks vary widley according to specific job requirements. A working knowledge of HTML, CGI/Perl, PHP and ASP is important. Other tasks may include:

  • Work with web server log formats and web analysis tools
  • Work with multi-homed domain environments
  • Ongoing development of a company's website
  • Site maintenance
  • Quality-control for third party content
  • Development of small web applications
  • DHTML, COM and client-side JavaScript programming
  • Conversion of images for online use
  • Technical support
  • Manage web-based documentation
  • Are there areas of Web Administration specialization

    There are several areas of specialization. Web administrators may decide to focus on a particular industry such as computers or banking. Another option would be to work in a variety of industries choosing a specific niche. A Web administrator might develop expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Application development
  • Databases
  • Research
  • Web development
  • What types of companies employ Web Administrators

    Web administrators are employed by web hosting companies, insurance companies, and hospitals—any company that conducts substantial business activities online.