Insights: The Ultimate Student Interview Database

We at UniXL recognize the unmatched value of first-hand information when making any decision. And the decisions regarding post-secondary education are some of the most important decisions we as individuals make in our lifetimes. Finding the perfect school and degree program is often the key to educational success or the cause of failure. Thus, we at UniXL have chartered the Insights project, which aims to build the most comprehensive student interview database on the Internet. We have committed to undertaking the somewhat daunting, yet essential task of interviewing literally hundreds of current students on the frontlines of education at schools across the nation. It is our hope that these interviews will provide prospective students with a unique perspective and a significant window into the schools and degree programs they may be considering.

Our student interviews cover areas such as the application process, program curriculum and requirements, student life and post-graduation prospects. Our interviewees discuss, at length, their experiences, both good and bad, in order to assist other students in making informed decisions regarding their future education. They also give helpful advice to prospective students on how to navigate through their educational career, while warning them of any pitfalls they may face.

We propose to continuously update our database of interviews and eventually provide prospective students the ability to navigate through the interviews based on subject, degree level and school.

  • Anne Colton

    Anne Colton

    Washington State University at VancouverBachelor of Arts in Human Development

    Students who are considering pursuing a bachelors degree in human development should know that they will need to have an open mind and be accepting of new ways of thinking in order to succeed in this field.
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  • Brandy Ethridge

    Brandy Ethridge

    University of California, Santa BarbaraPhD in Education with a concentration in Special Education, Disability and Risk Studies

    I think it is important for students to acknowledge that a PhD program is a big investment on their part, but that investment should go both ways. Make sure the school and program are willing to make an equal investment in you.
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  • Christine Vasquez

    Christine Vasquez

    Buffalo State CollegeBachelor of Arts in Hotel Management

    I advise students to get involved in their city and campus communities as much as possible. Volunteer projects for the city look excellent on resumes and offer valuable opportunities to learn about people and different perspectives.
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  • Jordan Brennan

    Jordan Brennan

    Washington State UniversityBachelor of Arts in Communications

    The best study tip that I can pass on to communications students is that when you do group work, it is very important to be a strong group member. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a natural leader, do not be afraid to offer your ideas to the group.
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  • Joshua Stoolman

    Joshua Stoolman

    University of MichiganPhD in Immunology

    I have learned that if you want to make time for your personal life without falling behind in a graduate program, you need to become efficient at work and in the classroom.
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  • Justin Jett

    Justin Jett

    Virginia TechBachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

    A student who is interested in aerospace engineering needs to develop good time management skills. If you manage your time well, you will work efficiently and have time to relax.
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  • Kristina Domazetoska

    Kristina Domazetoska

    University of DallasMaster of Business Administration with a specialization in Project Management

    If you are interested in pursuing an MBA, I recommend that you first make sure that business is the right career track for you. Before you begin an MBA you should learn what it is really like to work in business by gaining hands-on experience.
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  • Kyle Huey

    Kyle Huey

    University of California, Santa CruzBachelor of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Game Design

    Students in computer science programs are far more focused on the technical side of computer science than on the creative side. Personally, I wish I would have known that before enrolling in my program.
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  • Marta Kourliandtchik

    Marta Kourliandtchik

    University of MichiganMaster of Science in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

    The most important piece of advice I can give students is to study very, very hard. A masters degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology is very challenging.
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  • Marylin Vermillion

    Marylin Vermillion

    Washington State UniversityBachelor of Science in Food Science

    The coursework is tough in a bachelors program for food science, but professors are happy to help. All students need to do is ask.
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  • Nicholas Jackson

    Nicholas Jackson

    Brooklyn Law SchoolJuris Doctor

    I would say that if you are interested in law school, you need to maintain a sense of professionalism at all times, including during the application process. That means that you need to be reliable, responsible and punctual from the moment you pick up that application.
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  • Owen Watson

    Owen Watson

    Santa Clara UniversityBachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

    Students need to understand that it is worth putting in the effort to develop professional connections and gain relevant career experience, even as an undergraduate. Do everything you can while you are in school to build your resume because graduating with professional experience is valuable.
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  • Valerie Sechrest

    Valerie Sechrest

    Gene Juarez AcademyCertificate in Cosmetology

    Cosmetology programs are intense. But students who stay focused can leave the classroom and work with clients much sooner.
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